Executing with precision

For students, summer is a time to slow down, take a break from studies and earn money for the following year. But that’s when university architects and facilities staff are busiest. As soon as the students leave campus, projects begin. The summer is a finite window to get everything done, making schedule the priority.

When the first two phases to renovate half of Purdue University’s Harrison Residence Hall restrooms resulted in significant design changes and project delays, the University changed the delivery method for the third phase from design-bid-build to design-build. And they hired Pepper to gut and remodel the other half of restrooms over one summer - all eight floors in a 12-week timeframe.

Additionally, the University chose the design-build delivery method through a proposal process that committed us to meeting their design, price and schedule. Designed to accommodate as many students as possible meant durability and efficiency were priorities. Purdue had several non-negotiable requirements for the project: 

01   The design and construction process needed to stay within the set budget.

02   The design and execution needed to be environmentally responsible.

03   The project had to be completed over a 12-week period during the summer months and before students returned to campus.

All eight floors of restrooms had to be completely gutted down to the studs, removing all existing MEP systems and finishes. Then, restrooms they were built back to code and refreshed with a new design. The Pepper team knew every detail of every pipe installation and sequence of events had to be planned down to the day. There was no room in the schedule for re-work or making significant field corrections.

We also knew that the traditional method for maintaining quality and consistency is to employ the same crew members working down the building floor-by-floor. But doing so would not meet the schedule. So for this kind of delivery we had to build other quality control measures into our plan to ensure all systems were installed correctly the first time and on time. There was no room for re-work or making significant field corrections. How did we do it? 

Purdue University Harrison Residence Hall Restroom Renovation BIM

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