Transformational leadership through lean principles

Some say change is the only constant. At Pepper, we believe that we only get better when we’re purposeful about it.
If we’re honest with ourselves, we experience waste within our own organizations (ideas, time, resources) that can diminish the quality of the process and the final outcomes. That’s why we recently asked Heather Siemers to assume the role of Operations Improvement Leader, to integrate lean thinking further into our internal company processes and daily habits. We want to go beyond applying lean principles to our projects, to improving the quality of how we work, from the inside, out. Under Heather’s leadership, our goal is to eliminate obstacles and help each other succeed.

In addition to transforming our own operations, Heather has made it her mission to advocate for lean thinking in our industry. When implemented in the right way, those who have experienced the benefits of lean construction wouldn’t manage a project any other way. Yet, we’re still struggling as an industry to fully adopt lean practices. At Pepper, we want to influence others to try lean so Heather will also help educate and equip our teams to take lean concepts further in every aspect of construction.Heather Siemers headshot

As the construction industry continues to prioritize collaboration, we have to adjust how we operate from traditional means and  methods. Lean construction enables us to do the right thing for everyone. By being purposeful with ourselves and our work, we believe the outcome will be a better work environment for our team and a better product and experience for you.

For the past six years, Heather has been championing Pepper Indiana's integration of lean construction principles while leading our quality program.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Building Construction Management from Purdue University and she is Army Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Management (CQM) certified. To read more about her personal approach to lean and how it ties to quality, click here.

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